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Product Overview

BASview2 is a stand-alone, embedded, web-based graphical interface for building automation and process automation systems. It can be accessed from any standard web browser – providing client functionality to BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP systems.

The BASview2 is simple to install and use. A 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection is all that is needed. Client features include animated graphic screens, scheduling, historical trending, runtime accumulation, alarm monitoring, and email notifications. BASview2 will automatically toggle outputs and change setpoints on schedule, collect runtime and trend data, and monitor alarm conditions. As an embedded device, BASview2 uses Flash memory for internal storage instead of a hard disk to maintain its ruggedness. The BASview2 is completely self-contained, requiring no external application for its use. Multiple simultaneous web browser users can access the BASview2 from any web-enabled device. The BASview2 is ideal for small and medium buildings or processes that require a simple-to-use graphical interface with no licensing requirements.


  • Lightning Fast HTML5 Web Interface
  • Animated Graphics
  • Internally Maintained Schedules with Sunrise/Sunset and Stagger Offsets
  • Trend Collection – Display and Export of Trends
  • Runtime Accumulation with Email Notification
  • Alarm Condition Monitoring with Email Notification
  • Calculated Point Values (average, min, max, etc)
  • Simple Scripting Language for Light Control Logic
  • Database of up to 100 Users and 100 User Groups
  • Multiple Simultaneous User Log-ins
  • Activity Log for Tracking Important User Actions
  • Template System for Quickly Cloning Points, Graphics, Devices or Entire Networks
  • Support for up to 2,000 Items in any Combination of Points, Graphics, Trends, etc.
  • No Software Licensing Requirements

The BASview2 is housed in a compact metal enclosure and it is DIN-rail mounted. It requires a 5VDC voltage source and is shipped with a universal mains input power supply. Powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core ARMv8 CPU, it has 1GB DDR2-900 RAM and 8GB of Flash memory for data storage. The device has a battery-backed real-time clock for maintaining schedules. Simply connect the device to a BACnet/IP or Modbus TCP Ethernet network to access both BACnet and Modbus compliant equipment. For non-Ethernet based equipment, BACnet MS/TP to BACnet/IP routers or Modbus serial to Modbus TCP routers can be used.

Client Features

Ordering Information

Model Description    
BASV-2 BACnet/IP Supervisor HTML5 Graphical Interface $995

To connect BACnet MS/TP devices, use a BASrouter:

Model Description    
BASRT-B BASrouter BACnet/IP to MS/TP to Ethernet DIN-Rail Mount $295
BASRTLX-B BASrouterLX High Performance BACnet Router DIN-Rail Mount $395

To connect Modbus serial devices or TCP use a BASgatewayLX:

Model Description    
BASGLX-M1 BASgatewayLX Modbus to BACnet Gateway DIN-Rail Mount $395

Related Products

Model Description    
EIBA5-100T Five-port 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX switching hub, panel mount $99
EIBA5-100T/R Five-port 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX switching hub, DIN-rail mount $99
BAS-485-TER Active EIA-485 Terminator (package 5 Pieces) (details...) $195

Additional Ethernet Switches are also available.