Sedona Helping Create a Truly Open Controller


Developed by Tridium, Inc, Sedona is an open-source software environment designed to make it easy to build smart, networked, embedded devices which are well suited for implementing control applications. The Sedona language facilitates component-oriented programming where components are assembled onto a wire sheet, configured and interconnected, to create applications. Sedona was made available to the public under an Academic Free License (AFL 3.0) granted by the licensor—Tridium, Inc. A licensee was allowed worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive use of the technology.

Using Niagara Workbench or a Sedona tool, such as Contemporary Controls' Sedona Application Editor, components are assembled onto a wire sheet, configured and then interconnected with other components to create applications. Program changes are immediately executed. This language is ideally suited for graphical representation of control strategies. It has a similar look-and-feel to the popular Niagara Framework™ and it is IP-based. Those with experience with Niagara Framework will have no problem understanding Sedona. For those without Niagara experience, the graphical representation of components linked on a wire sheet to create applications is intuitive and can be easily learned with a minimum of training.

Contemporary Controls has produced several controller products in its BAScontrol series that use Sedona. In addition to developing custom Sedona components, Contemporary Controls has developed a Java-based Sedona tool called Sedona Application Editor (SAE) for those individuals who do not have access to Niagara Workbench and need to program Sedona devices. BASbackup, a BAScontrol Project utility is available that not only archives Sedona application programs but controller configurations as well thereby creating a complete project backup. The Sedona technology is portable to other platforms and to prove it Contemporary Controls has developed the BASemulator that mimics a real controller on a Windows PC. The BASemulator, SAE and BASbackup comprise the BAScontrol Toolset which is available for free after registering with Contemporary Controls.

To understand more about how Sedona can be used to create an open controller, please read our white paper Creating an Open Controller Using Sedona.

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The BAScontrol Open Control Series utilizes BACnet/IP as an open communications protocol, Sedona for open visual control programming, and the BAScontrol Toolset for unrestricted use in program development and archiving. Ideal for unitary control of air-handlers (AHUs), fan coils (FCUs), and rooftop units (RTUs), these controllers are freely-programmable and customizable.


Designed for home automation enthusiasts, HVAC students and DIYers in general, the DIY products are not toys but truly open controllers built on both open software and open hardware. Using the latest micro PCs and resident control software, these DIY products allow the user to create next generation Internet of Things (IoT) platforms.


BAScontrol Toolset – includes SAE, BASemulator and BASbackup

BAScontrol Pre-Built Applications – pre-built constant volume RTU applications now available

Sedona Open Control Reference Manual. In this comprehensive reference manual regarding Sedona, components from Tridium-release kits are explained along with Contemporary Controls' hardware-independent and hardware-dependent kits. Examples are shown on how components can be configured and linked to create applications.

Presentation: Understanding Sedona 1.2 Components – this presentation uses Workbench as a Sedona tool to demonstrate how components in the various kits can be linked together to facilitate the building of applications.

White Paper: Creating an Open Controller with Sedona, which promotes Sedona as the best hope for creating a truly open controller based upon readily available technology and a Sedona community of developers and integrators.

Presentation: Sedona Open Controller, which explains our vision for using Sedona to create an open controller.

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