CTRLink Managed Switches for Taking Control of Your Network


The ultimate in performance and flexibility can be found in a SNMP compliant managed switch, providing data on network health and performance. By configuring the switch through either a web page or console screen, advanced features can be invoked, including: virtual LANs to segment traffic within a single physical network, several Quality of Service (QoS) methods (including 802.1p) to prioritize traffic, port security to guard against intrusions, port mirroring for troubleshooting, and a programmable fault-relay that can be tied to a host controller for alarming.

Trunking allows for parallel paths for increased throughput and cable redundancy. For other cable redundancy solutions, there is RSTP or Contemporary Controls' proprietary RapidRing®. Models are available with either multimode (MM) or single-mode (SM) fiber optic ports to accommodate long distances through hostile environments. Fiber ports are fixed at 100Mbps data rate and use 100BASE-FX signaling at a wavelength of 1310nm.

Skorpion Managed Switch Series — for cost effective applications

The EISK8M Series offers a compact rugged managed 10/100Mbps Ethernet switch with a choice of eight copper ports or a mix of six copper and two fiber ports. The two fiber optic ports can be configured for cable redundancy. Intended for cost-effective SNMP managed applications, the unit is extremely compact and rated over the industrial temperature range. Fiber optic distances up to 15 km are possible with the single-mode option. Besides having the standard plug-and-play features found in unmanaged switches, this unit supports the SNMP protocol and management features usually found only in high-end switches. Each unit can be configured via its web pages, and can be powered either from a low voltage AC or DC source. Available as DIN-rail mounting. Operating Temperature 0 to 60°C.

Compact Managed Switch Series — for harsh environments

The EISXM Series of compact managed switching hubs provides management functionality in situations where outdoor temperatures are expected. Network management is significant in an outdoor scenario because in many cases the location of the switch or switches may not be easily accessible, making troubleshooting difficult. The EISXM Series also supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Other management features include VLAN, trunking, and Quality of Service (QoS) and can be panel or DIN-rail mounted with operating temperature −40 to +75°C.

Automation Switch Series — for high port density

The EIDXM Series of Ethernet switches provide management functionality in situations where extended temperatures of −40 to +75°C are expected. With a fixed width of 62 mm, these units offer 16 or 24 ports with copper and fiber/copper combinations and can be panel or DIN-rail mounted.

Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch — for flexible port configuration

The industrial managed Ethernet switch provides compact 1U rack-mount design, flexible port configuration and high reliability. It provides error-free data transmission and network management functions in harsh environments. The switch is equipped with four ports for 10/100 Mbps copper links, 20 ports for 100BASE-FX SFP links and 4 ports for 1000BASE-FX SFP links. It offers redundant power supply connections for sources providing 120 VAC. It can be installed with the included standard 1U rackmount kit. Operating temperature −40 to +75°C.